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Welcome to the CLAMP Yuri community, created to spread the love of CLAMP canon and non-canon female/female pairings. ^_^ Whether you want to discuss the tragic stories of SayaxTouru and KendappaxSouma, try to decide whether Maru and Moro are a couple, theorize that Akira's two mothers are actually a lesbian couple (well, they don't see overly upset that their husband is never around ;-p), simply write a fanfic ending a series the way it -should- have ended, or anything else in between, you're welcome to do it all. We're open to all fans of female/female pairings.

Some rules:

- No flaming or flame wars of any variety. Respect, please.

- Homophobic posts/comments will be deleted and the user banned, if necessary. This com IS about lesbian relationships. Don't like, don't join or comment.

- Any and all female/female CLAMP pairings will be allowed, along with crossovers, as long as there is at least one CLAMP woman involved.

- Due to Rule #3, please clearly label the pairings of all fan works. Everybody has some pairings they absolutely hate with a burning passion.

- Also make sure to clearly rate and label all fan art/fan fics, especially those of the adult variety. We don't want to traumatize anyone.

- Fanworks may include other non-lesbian relationships, but the focus should be on the female/female relationship(s).

- Sexually ambiguous characters and pairings (such as the angels from Wish) will be given the benefit of the doubt and allowed. However, remember that this com is about lesbian relationships.

- Use your common sense, and F-lock any posts that might need to be.

- Advertising of other coms is allowed, as long as the com in question is CLAMP-related and/or shoujo-ai/yuri related.

- Use the LJ cut for fanfics/fanart and spoilers, and tag your entry appropriately.

- Have fun!

Mod- von_questenberg

Affiliates: tsubasa_shoujo

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